Shut Up & Listen [Feat. ANoyd]

Mystery Girl chops it up with Connecticut rapper ANoyd, who has been buzzin around the state and beyond after making some big moves. You may have recently heard/seen him deliver a freestyle on Hot 97 with Funkmaster Flex or star in the music video for his newest release Lucky, which premiered on BET Jams and Billboard. Mystery Girl talks with ANoyd about how he got to where he is today, what motivates him to write, recent experiences, and more. She also shares a moment with the rapper as he finds out in the middle of the live interview that his video Lucky was airing on BET Jams at the very same time. His latest album, Autumn in Sinsinati, is out now! Find out more at


Mystery Girl interviews Slug from Minnesota hip hop duo Atmosphere. The duo consists of DJ/producer Ant (Anthony Davis) and rapper Slug (Sean Daley), who have been making music together for over 20 years. Atmosphere released their latest studio album Fishing Blues in August and are currently on their Freshwater Fly Fisherman tour. Mystery Girl talks with Slug about how his music has evolved over the years, what inspires him to write, the Rhymesayers label, what it's like being in the business for so long, balancing fatherhood and the industry, and more.


Mystery Girl interviews Zach Deputy, a talented musician and singer based in Georgia. Known for his live looping shows, Deputy is a multi-instrumentalist in a category all his own. The artist sings, raps, beat boxes, and plays guitar, bass, piano, drums, harmonica, and more. Deputy's unique sound seamlessly meshes and crosses over into many different music genres: R&B, jazz, funk, soul, reggae, hip hop, rock, calypso. His latest album, Wash It in the Water, is out on all platforms. Deputy talks with Mystery Girl about why he loves looping, what makes his live shows so unique, the unusual and unconventional circumstances that put him on the path to becoming a successful artist, and more. Zach Deputy will be performing at Toad's Place in Connecticut on November 26. Find out more at

Shut Up & Listen [Feat. The Nth Power]

Mystery Girl speaks with Nick Cassarino (vocals, guitar) and Nikkie Glaspie (drums) of The Nth Power. The New York based band is on tour through November, promoting their newest album "To Be Free". Raw and real, the 10-song album consists of recorded live performances, giving listeners a true live music show feel. Frontman Nick Cassarino talks about the band's mission to inform and spread love through music. Drummer Nikki Glaspie, formally Beyonce's tour drummer, discusses what she learned from being in the industry and how the group's genuine love for the music makes The Nth Power the cohesive band it is.


Mystery Girl talks with San Francisco native and LA-based singer/songwriter Marc E. Bassy on the phone shortly before he performs at a football game in Chicago, Illinois. Bassy talks about his newly released Groovy People EP and his journey becoming a solo artist. Bassy was once part of a group called 2am Club in New York before moving to LA where he worked with producer Nic Nac and wrote songs for big artists including Sean Kingston, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Allen Stone, 2 Chainz, and more. Bassy then began putting out his own music, with a successful response from fans and the industry. Bassy's tour kicks off in November. Find out more at