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Electric Zoo

September 3- September 5

Randall's Island Park

New York

Imagine New York City, if it was built to the beat of dance music. Imagine if the mayor was a DJ, the mailman delivered records to your doorstep, and that there was a DJ booth in every metro carriage. Everywhere you went was a party with smiling faces, dancing bodies, and euphoric rhythms. For one weekend this Labor Day, that place will exist. Welcome to The 6th Boro.

When Electric Zoo transforms Randall’s Island Park into The 6th Boro, it will become, for one weekend, the worldwide capital of dance music [more].

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12:00 PM12:00


Sunday, May 28 

Minnesota State Fairgrounds Midway

St. Paul, Minnesota

Rhymesayers Entertainment and Rose Presents announce the 10-Year Anniversary of Soundset Festival: Your official Midwest kick-off of the summer, with over ten hours of the best Hip Hop music in one day. It all goes down at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on the Midway at 1265 Snelling Avenue North, St. Paul, MN 55108 on Sunday May 28, 2017 (rain or shine). Gates open at 11:00 AM [more]

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