Known to her audience simply as Mystery Girl, the radio persona broadcasts from a secret remote location, reaching the masses through her show Shut Up & Listen. But she's not your average radio host. A radio pirate, Mystery Girl hijacks the airwaves; taking over radio channels, television channels, and other technological mediums to transmit her message. What's that message? >OPEN. YOUR. EYES.< Much like a Robin Hood of the airwaves, Mystery Girl's broadcasts pull the curtains open on the big sharks taking advantage of the little guys. She exposes them all; greedy moguls, power-hungry tycoons, corrupt crooks in suits. Loading the public with information, Mystery Girl hopes to spread truth, awaken minds, and give the people the ammunition they need to fight for what's right! 


Vigilante= superhero with an edge. And that's just what Mystery Girl is. Her voice isn't the only weapon in her arsenal and when she's not fighting with her words on the airwaves, she's taking out dangerous criminals with her fists on the streets. She's one of the good guys (or girls we should say), but she's no saint. Her methods are sometimes unorthodox and her idea of justice can be a bit distorted. Mystery Girl follows her own rules and isn't above dishing out punishment as she sees fit to those who are deserving of it.  She's not your run of the mill superhero: composed, forgiving, patient, totally selfless. Rather, she's a bit rough around the edges. Yes she's there to protect the innocent and stop the wrongdoers; but she can be unpredictable, ruthless, and reckless. She kicks ass first, takes names never, and does what she pleases. She's righteous in her own way, by her own standards. While she chooses to harness the good, there's something undeniably dark and dangerous in her. A stain on the soul that makes her the complicated and mysterious creature she is.


Before she acquired her special abilities, Mystery Girl was a normal human (well, somewhat normal). Until one night a freak electrical accident at a radio station changed her forever. Transforming her into a super human, the accident gave the young girl the ability to harness, control, alter, and manipulate sound and frequencies. What exactly can she do? The possibilities are endless. Stay tuned. 

One thing is for sure; Mystery Girl is a force to be reckoned with and the vixen gets stronger as she learns more about her abilities with each passing day. But she's not without weaknesses. The power she draws has its limits and if she exerts her energy above her threshold, the consequences could be fatal. A danger to herself and others if she’s not careful, Mystery Girl can be her own worst enemy in more ways than one.


What does she do when she's off the radar? Where is she from? What's her real name? Where does she live? work? play? No one knows. She's just as much a mystery in everyday life as she is when she's Mystery Girl. Some things are even a mystery to the Mystery Girl herself, like where she came from. "Call me Misty" is the response given to those who ask her name, an alias she picked up on the streets. Growing up without family or a place to call home, she's done and lived through it all and experienced true darkness. Always a loner, Misty only ever really looked out for herself; it's what she had to do to survive. But a life-changing experience brought on an epiphany, an awakening inside her, that made her turn things around and leave her dark past behind. Although her history is an enigma, MG has always known there was something different about her well before her accident. Maybe it's the fact that she's always been smarter than the smartest, stronger than the strongest, or faster than the fastest. Maybe it's something else.....

To Be Continued...

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