Musicians Creating Comics: Comic Con new york 2018

Mystery Girl explores New York Comic Con 2018 to make the connection between the music and comic worlds. From Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop to post-apocalyptic worlds, alternate universes, technological warfare, superhuman abilities, and supernatural happenings; watch to see how music artists like Steve Aoki, Lights, DMC, Common, and Andy Black have crossed over into comic culture.

Lights Talks “Skin & Earth” Album & Comic

Music artist Lights discusses her comic book "Skin & Earth". Set in a post-apocalyptic world in the last city on earth, "Skin & Earth" follows main character Enaia Jin. Lights released a "Skin & Earth" album in conjunction with the project, complete with music videos that follow the comic's storyline. The artist talks about why she decided to bring music and comics together, what it was like scripting and drawing the comic herself from scratch, and plans for the future including a TV series deal. Find out more about Lights and Skin & Earth at

Steve Aoki & Impact Theory team up to create “Neon Future”

Music superstar Steve Aoki, comic company Impact Theory, and award-winning writer Jim Krueger teamed up to create the world of "Neon Future". Set 30 years into the future, the story takes place in a world where advanced technology has been outlawed, sparking a war between those with technology and those without. In sync with Steve Aoki's beliefs, the character based on the DJ/Producer, Kita Sovee, believes technology can serve a greater good. But the comic's primary character Clay Campbell is anti-tech, until a life-changing experience forces him to pick a side. Find out more about Neon Future at

Rap Legend DMC goes from "Darryl McDaniels” to “Darryl Makes Comics”

Hip Hop legend DMC (Darryl McDaniels) talks about his comic empire "Darryl Makes Comics". Set in an alternate 80’s like universe, DMC's character isn't a rapper, but a teacher with superhuman powers. DMC discusses how comics have always been an important part of his life since childhood and how comic books gave him the courage to become a music artist. Find out more about "Darryl Makes Comics" at

Common joins Webtoons to create “Caster”

Webtoons partners up with Common to create "Caster", a graphic novel about an antiquities dealer surrounded by action and danger. Common talks about what it's like to have a character based on him and what it means to be involved in a project like this. Check out Caster for free at